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Preparing for Middle School

This Study Skills Workshop will give your child the confidence

they need to be successful in middle school.

Workshop Topics

Introduction to Middle School


How do I adjust to a new school environment, 

teachers, and peers?

What's expected of me academically?

How do I personally learn best?

Note-Taking Skills

How to take notes in class in a variety of formats

What should I be writing down?

What's important and what's not important?

Organization Skills

How important is organization?

How can I keep my notebook organized?

How can I get the most out of my planner?

How can I keep my backpack organized?

How can I keep my locker organized?

Study Tips

What are various ways that I can study?

What are the best ways to study from interactive notebooks?

What should I do if I have test anxiety?

Time Management


Weekly Study Schedule

Today's Priority List

Time Control Tips

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